Mine - Story of a Sacred Mountain

Recycling aluminum makes a lot of sense. Bauxite is the mineral that is used to make aluminum which is 100% recyclable. There is virtually no loss in the aluminum recycling process. Every pound of aluminum that you recycle is a pound +20% of bauxite that can remain in the earth. We tend to think that the impact of mining is far away. But does mining bauxite impact you?

How is it possible that Bauxite mining in India could contribute to the inflated price of New York City real estate? This case study titled Stream of Foreign Wealth Flows to Elite New York Real Estate in the New York Times examines how people like the Chairman of Vedanta Mining own the most expensive apartments in New York City, pushing up prices across the board.

In 2010 the Dongria Kondh tribe won an historic victory against Vedanta Resources to protect their mountain homeland. (more) Our increasing desire for natural resources creates this conflict around the world. Making full use of the natural resources that we have mine is only logical in light of the monumental human and environmental cost of mining.

Mine - Story of a Sacred Mountain from Survival International narrated by Joanna Lumley, tells the story of the Dongria Kondh’s resistance to mining their mountain for Bauxite, the mineral that is used to make aluminum. Vedanta Resources was intent on constructing an open-cast mine on their land and thereby destroying the tribes sacred mountain.

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'Mine' - Story of a Sacred Mountain with Joanna Lumley (short version) from Survival International on Vimeo.

Recycling saves energy and natural resources.