NYC Refuse & Recycling Over Time

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The chart above shows the amount of refuse residents,nonprofits, schools, and NYC government buildings set out for recycling each month from 1990 to the present.

The most obvious feature are the black bars representing the amount of waste that vastly overshadow the green, blue, orange, brown and red bars that show how much New Yorkers recycle.

As you scroll to the right you will see the amount of recycled metal, glass, plastic and paper that were collected starting in May of 1993.

In July of 2002 the blue bar disappears when the city stopped collecting glass and plastic. It reappears in April 2004 when collections resumed.

In May 2013 residential organics makes its appearance, rising modestly until May 2020 when organics collection was suspended until July of 2021.

 This chart is not empty! Scroll left to take a closer look at what New Yorkers recycled each month since 1993.