Sign the Petition to Reinstate Curbside Organics Collection

The New York City Council and Mayor are negotiating the City budget for Fiscal Year 2022 and we need your help! Please SIGN OUR PETITION asking the City Council and Mayor to restore GrowNYC’s Compost Program to pre-COVID funding levels.
In the last year, widespread budget cuts have made it increasingly difficult for New Yorkers to compost. Funding for the GrowNYC Compost Program was cut by 75% in last year’s City budget, decreasing our food scrap drop-off sites from 76 to 15, slashing green jobs, and delivering a serious blow to New York City’s Zero Waste goals. Meanwhile, demand for composting is higher than ever, and collections at our reopened sites are 30 percent higher today than they were before COVID. We believe that all New Yorkers should have access to composting opportunities, and hope to work toward that goal with increased funding for GrowNYC and other compost programs in FY22.
compost_volunteers.jpgThree things you can do right now to make sure your City Council representative knows that composting is important to you:
  1. Sign our petitionHelp GrowNYC Programs Survive
  2. Submit testimony to the March 4th City Council Committee on Sanitation & Solid Waste Management Preliminary Budget Hearing (more information here)
  3. Follow SaveOurCompost on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram for ongoing advocacy information
Thank you for your ongoing participation and support of composting in NYC.